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Trinity Toft (she/her pronouns) is a psychotherapist in private practice offering individual and group therapy in the Portland Metro Area.  She specializes in trauma, anxiety, depression and life transitions for women, focusing specifically on new and expectant mothers.  Trinity received a BA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State and went on to pursue her Masters in Social Work at New York University’s Silver School of Social Work. Trinity’s interests have led her to work in school, hospital, and community mental health settings with adults, children and families. After her professional work with women suffering from perinatal mood disorders, and her own personal experience with postpartum depression and anxiety, Trinity was inspired to create The Mother Birth.  Trinity is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds a certification in Maternal Mental Health from Postpartum Support International.  

After becoming a mother, Trinity joined an all-girl rock and roll band and cut bangs. She is currently growing out the bangs. Trinity is also a published writer and storyteller and has been performing and contributing to Mortified ( for over a decade.  Trinity lives with her husband, daughter, and kitty-baby Raisin in Portland, OR.  

The Mother Birth is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in theory and in practice. A “woman” or “mother” is anyone who defines themselves as such and seeks this particular support and service. Your differences are welcome and celebrated!


Concierge Therapy

Concierge Therapy is a convenient way to access care during a time you may be feeling at your most vulnerable. That’s right-we’re coming over! It is the mission of The Mother Birth to make things as easy on you as possible, which means you will receive excellent mental health care in the comfort of your own home. The biggest barrier for most women, aside from asking for help, is the lack of access to therapy because of the dependency on childcare. So don’t clean your house, redecorate your living room, or even change out of your pajamas! If you learn to mother yourself, you get to be a better mother to your baby.

Concierge/In-home Sessions:
(all sessions are 60 minutes in duration)
$175 for Initial Individual Concierge Visits, $150 after
$250 for Couples or Family Concierge Visits
Weekend/Evening Appointments: Additional $50

Mama Groups

Community is crucial in new motherhood. Most of us are displaced from our families of origin, or we desire our own chosen families when building community. Having other women to share in your experience is necessary to our mental health and wellness! Please see the EVENTS page for upcoming ways to connect!

Cash, check and credit or debit cards are accepted for payment. We do not currently take insurance.

“I would rather be the child of a mother who has all the inner conflicts of the human being than be mothered by someone for whom all is easy and smooth, who knows all the answers, and is a stranger to doubt.”

— Donald Woods Winnicott, British pediatrician and psychoanalyst



Coming soon!

The Mother Birth holds monthly groups and other special events to ensure community between new and expecting mothers.  Motherhood can feel incredibly isolating and lonely.  It may feel hard to find your people. Trinity creates a safe space to share the raw and honest struggles and joys of motherhood, without judgement or shame. Groups will be informal, but focused on topics and themes pertinent to this time in your life. And did we mention you can bring your baby? (Non-walkers only, please!)

“When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her.” 
— Adrienne Rich, poet


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